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Gang Green117130.773173215
Blue Steel116230.682153824
Dekes of Hazard113710.31872337
The Ringers112810.22751633

 Game DateStart TimeEnd TimeHome TeamVisiting TeamHome ScoreVisiting Score
10693110-10-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMDekes of HazardGang Green13
10708710-10-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMBlue SteelThe Ringers41
10712610-17-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMThe RingersDekes of Hazard14
10712810-17-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMGang GreenBlue Steel11
10713710-24-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMBlue SteelDekes of Hazard14
10713910-24-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMThe RingersGang Green03
10715410-31-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMBlue SteelThe Ringers11
10715610-31-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMDekes of HazardGang Green22
10782211-07-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMGang GreenBlue Steel33
10782411-07-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMThe RingersDekes of Hazard02
10878611-14-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMGang GreenThe Ringers30
10878811-14-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMBlue SteelDekes of Hazard42
10884911-21-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMGang GreenDekes of Hazard52
10885111-21-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMBlue SteelThe Ringers27
10896112-05-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMThe RingersDekes of Hazard42
10896312-05-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMBlue SteelGang Green41
10899012-12-2015 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMDekes of HazardBlue Steel07
10899212-12-2015 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMThe RingersGang Green14
10965701-02-2016 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMDekes of HazardGang Green13
10965901-02-2016 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMThe RingersBlue Steel14
10930601-09-2016 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMGang GreenThe Ringers40
10930801-09-2016 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMDekes of HazardBlue Steel37
10932201-16-2016 (Sat)09:30 PM10:45 PMThe RingersDekes of Hazard36
10932401-16-2016 (Sat)10:55 PM12:10 AMGang GreenBlue Steel42
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